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Rules and regulations of health insurance for small businesses in California
If you work for your business or small, to provide or find
health insurance affordable and complete may be more difficult than usual. Indeed, a recent poll showed that more than half of small business owners in California does not provide health insurance for their employees. The cost of health insurance for an employee on average more than $ 3,000 a year.

And despite its obligations under the laws of California health insurance stating
that small group health insurance must be available to any small business
otherwise eligible for health insurance group.

By law, any small business (defined as 20-50 employees) in a state of
California must have the same health insurance for small businesses
is offered to other small businesses.

Coverage may not be refused unless the company pays the premiums, was
activities for at least two months and offerscoverage to all eligible employees,
including part-time work.

An insurance company may also provide an acceptable minimum number of people
include, in their otherwise have the right to withdraw the insurance.
Health insurance may be withdrawn if the minimum number of employees
not participate.

According to California law, it is illegal for an insurance company to refuse
coverage of basic healthInsurance – Coverage may vary
average age of employees' and position.

And companies that have taken the trouble to provide health insurance reduces
benefits or employer contributions – about 25% of employers said they
due to either reduce benefits or make their employees responsible for more

Besides being a requirement for health insurance for employees of small
Business financial logic – as well as being agreat way to keep
happy employees and reduce absenteeism, there may be significant tax advantages. In
In general, the cost of health insurance are fully tax deductible, when
incurred by an employer.

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