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A college loan should be considered an investment in the future, since college graduates are more employable, and college graduates earn significantly more during their lifetime than high school graduates. Before choosing student or college loans, one should take into consideration all resources for funding this investment: savings, grants, scholarships, and federal and private student loans.

Students have many options for funding their education. Many different types of college loans are available for undergraduate students, graduate students, community college certificate and associate degree students, training or trade school students, distance learning students, and students in continuing education programs. The task is finding the right college loan that suits the needs of particular students. Students must weigh their options and consider time constraints, budget constraints, and personal needs.

Federal college loans come from private financial institutions. Federal loans have advantages over private loans. Students should seek out federal college loans before considering private college loans. Federal loans include Perkins, Stafford, Parent PLUS, and Graduate PLUS.

Stafford loans are the most common of college loans. They are fixed-rate, low interest, and available to full time or half time undergraduates in accredited schools. Perkins loans are low interest loans for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need. Parent PLUS is low interest for parents of undergraduate and dependent students. Graduate PLUS loans supplement graduate students.

Consolidation of college loans can save students (and their parents!) money, while in the process of repaying student loans. Consolidation loans combine eligible federal college loans into one, with a fixed interest rate and monthly payments. They can reduce loan payments and allow time for completion of a degree program and pursuit of a job.

Private college loans from schools and private institutions can furnish funding after federal loan possibilities have been exhausted. Private college loans can vary widely, and terms often depend on credit history. International students are also eligible for college loans through private institutions for pursuing an education outside the country.

All college loans have requirements and stipulations attached, and must be repaid following graduation, or termination of student status, with a six-month grace period.


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Structured Settlement – Advantages and disadvantages

A structured settlement is a type of settlement entered into by both parties. One party agrees to pay a certain amount that is owed to another. The amount owed was committed to the production of legal settlement or cause. The payment of the agreed sum total is not given in full, but the form of payments. For this reason, this agreement is called structured settlements. Generally, payments are made if the purchase ofone or more annuities. Payment can be received based on what the parties agreed, it can be monthly, quarterly or annually.

There are many advantages to choose a structured settlement instead of getting the money owed in full or in one payment. First, its main advantage is the saving on taxes. Sure, you can save a lot of money because the amount or payment is tax deductible, you can also get the full amountabsolutely tax free. Another advantage of the structured settlement is that since the money is paid at regular intervals and not all at once, you will avoid the possibility of spending your money on unimportant things that you regret later. Similarly, if the payments are small amounts but regularly, you'll have plenty of time to think about where to spend your money wisely.

However, as with anything else, the structured settlement alsohas its drawbacks. First, the closure of the procedure is a lengthy process. It can take up to six months, then you must wait another two months before receiving the first payment. Secondly, the amount of the payment, if paid monthly, quarterly or yearly, may not be sufficient to cover some major purchases like a car or a house or a business. Finally, the settlement agreement is not flexible. After the terms and conditions are fixedthey can not be changed. Therefore, there is no way to get the full amount in case of need, we can adjust the system. In this case, the person may only sell the structured payment plan to someone else for a lump sum payment.

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