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Why Use a Student Loan Consolidation Calculator?

When considering going for a student loan consolidation, you must first calculate your consolidated interest rate so you can better determine if this option is the best one for you.

Money is indeed tight these days and having to pay multiple college loans every month can really stretch one's budget to the limit, often budget isn't even enough.

If you have a lot of educational loans then consolidating them might be your best choice. There are a lot of free student loan consolidation calculators you can check online that can help you decide.

What do you get from debt consolidation?

The main advantages of combining all your debts into one include:

• Reduced monthly paperwork
• Reduced monthly payments
• Fixed interest rates offered on many consolidation loans
• Consolidation loan interest is tax deductible
• Extended payment period

What are the uses of a consolidation calculator?

• A consolidation calculator is a tool that computes the weighted average of all your current loans that you are trying to combine. Knowing your consolidated interest rate is essential so you can determine if you are getting the right consolidation program that lets you save more on monthly payments.
• A consolidation calculator will also calculate how much you currently owe and how much you could save by consolidating all your college loans into one neat package
• Government debt consolidation calculators even provide information about applying, what happens when you're still in school as well as how you can repay after graduation
• Student loan consolidation calculator sites also offer consolidation for private and federal college loans, Stafford loans, Plus loans, income contingent repayment plan calculator, standard, extended and graduated repayment plan calculator, etc.

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