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"It's been a long time really want to open a business shirt or design so, this is the result of my hard work during the 2 years of playing the movie, I tube money I make in this business, because the fill time was deliberately wrote again if ya do not no shooting in this business. If you're lucky willing to try again business, restaurant business, " Shinta Bachir said when met in the HUT Kodam Jaya on the Ground Ball Yon Kav 7 Cijantung, East Jakarta .

To make this business Shinta Bachir claim requires a fairly large budget. Shinta Bachir said she already has the expertise of business long ago, and instead made an odd passable money she uses for business.

"Yes indeed a big budget, business expertise is a long time. There is a provision confused, not just business, which produces a hobby, do not want excessive clubbing, I'd better make the business money. Instead of wasting time so it, sell it to fill time, it's cheap but steady quality, " Shinta Bachir concluded.

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February 20, 2011 at 6:53 AM

hm.... kayaknya tanggung nich....!!!

liat disini aja.....!!!


dijamin gak tanggung tanggung....!!!

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