Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Healthy You

Ripon Medical Centre will introduce a presentation on Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Dr. Mark S. Edinger, on 24th of February. The presentation will mainly depend on the diet and guidelines to reduce inflammation. But what is inflammation and when does it become harmful? The answer is the our body needs inflammation as it is the reaction of your immune system to fight with injury, attack and infection. The usual from of inflammation is redness, pain, irritation, immobility etc. Inflammation not only happen externally but also affects the body internally. The stomach burs, throat irritation etc you suffer is the form of internal inflammation. The need for anti-inflammation arises only when the reaction of the immune system happens in excess quantity.

Excessive intake of spicy food, junk food or attack by the bacteria agitates the immune system and demands it to fight with many causes at the same time. This is the situation when the anti-inflammation process become harmful for the body. The only way to treat it is to practice anti-inflammatory diet. Anti-inflammatory diet is anything which stops the inflammation and at the same time cure the harm it has done.

Here are some anti-inflammatory diet options -

1.Your anti-inflammatory diet should include protein rich food like eggs, chicken, red meat etc. Protein is the perfect diet to stop inflammation and at the same time cure the cause and symptoms.

2.Vegetables are one of the main ingredients of anti-inflammatory diet. It solves the problem by enhancing the digestive system. The best way to consume vegetables is to have them boiled or slightly sauteed.

3.Organic diet is also works wonders on inflammation.

4.A unavoidable ingredients in your diet is to include sea salt. Sea salt with herbs is the best combination to cure inflammation.

5.Fat is always not a bad option. Good fats and carbohydrates cure inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, almonds, butter are good options to cure irritation.

6.Cold milk is great for digestion and also to reduce inflammation. When you are feeling uneasy in your stomach all you need to do is drink a glass of cold milk or vanilla ice cream.

7.Yogurt also reduces inflammation and also the harm done by it.

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