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Besides being "pretty", which actually makes the phone different? To speak after attending the inauguration and with analysts and bloggers, here is our list of 10 things you want about the phone in April, the 24th comes on the market June and should cost between $ 199 and know $ 299. Let us know if you have any questions and please leave your own thoughts in the comments at the end of this story.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the phone 4, Monday began the "biggest leap forward", the phone is done, since it was introduced in 2007, has.

Phone 4

No. 1 Multitasking

Operating system called IOS Apple phone 4, an update of the phone hardware 4th among the expected changes is multitasking, the phone can run multiple applications simultaneously means. Do you want Internet radio and e-mails while listening? On 21 June, you can use the phone.

Several other smart phones have appeared a number of tasks for some time. So Apple is not to break new ground here. Jobs said the company hopes to function until they can do without the battery life suck on the phone to add.

No. 2 Video conferencing

In addition to the back to improve the camera phone, Apple also has a second chamber of the phone 4, which the user faces. This can be used for video conferencing, Apple and Jobs a new trend in cell phone use would be. For more information about this topic, see our article on mobile video.

No. 3 sharper display

in his opening speech on Monday at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the job more excited by the new phone has 4 screens than anything else.

With 326 pixels per inch - four times faster than previous phones Apple - Jobs said the phone 4 "Retinal Display" screen coming years, something else on the market.

"The text seems I've seen in a printed book - unlike you have ever seen on an electronic screen," he said, "If you were a screen of the retina cannot go back."

No. 4 Centrifugal

"These phones are becoming smarter about the world around them," said Jobs. This applies to the phone 4, with five sensors, including a gyroscope.

What does this mean for the user? Probably the coolest games and applications. The 4 internal gyro phones can detect motion in six axes. Monday is the employment of a demo shown in circles and the stack of blocks in an application for a spin. The phone is actually like to know more, where in the world, in relation to gravity, as it was before. It is difficult to exactly say what the application developers do, but rather unlikely.

No. 5 Thickness

the phone 4 will be the thinnest Smartphone on the market, "said Jobs. 9.3 mm (0.37 inch) thick, is 24 percent thinner than the previous model of the phone 3G, he said.
"I do not think that there is another consumer product like this," he said. "If you hold in your hand is amazing." I Phone 4 of the screen remain the same size as before, if it measures 3.5 inches diagonally. Therefore, it is smaller than some Android phones, which are their main competitors. But that cannot be good. As more people to watch videos on their mobile phones, which are demanding larger screens, say some analysts.

No. 6 Camera Flash

In what generally considered to behave as an update, Apple has included an LED flash for the phone 4 of the camera, allowing photographers take photos, videos and mobile video more easily at night.

No. 7 Best Camera

The quality of the phone camera 4 is significantly improved over previous models. The phone makes 4 photos in 5 megapixel resolution, compared with 3 megapixels. This is not the best on the market. HTC Droid has an amazing 8-megapixel camera, for example. The Nexus, another competitor, has a 5 megapixel camera too.

The phone also features four high-definition video, movie video editing and call that sell Apple, so that people to shoot, edit and share videos with your phone.

No. 8 Processor

The phone has a new 4-processor - A4 - which Apple says makes the phone faster than their competitors and as fast as the processor of the phone 3G. Apple unveiled the A4-processor as part of the team in January IPAD board.

But 4 of the phone the ability to store books, videos and music, some disappointed. The Shop Top Model 32 gigabytes of data, which is nothing other than the phone 3G.

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