The Car Rearview Mirror Monitor Provides an Entertaining Drive

Though I can’t imagine trying to use the Car Rearview Mirror Monitor all the time, it offers a great service when traveling with a rowdy family. Essentially a clip-on accessory, this slim 7-inch screen attaches to your existing reflector, performing scores of unexpected capabilities.

First of all, the Car Rearview Mirror Monitor reads SD cards and USB flash drives to play an extensive number of audio, video and media file formats. It can also broadcast sound through the vehicle’s speakers using unused radio frequencies. In terms of its visibility potential, it can receive video information from two inputs, making it possible to see what’s happening in the side mirrors with one upward glance. The Car Rearview Mirror Monitor is powered by your automobile’s battery and offers a great diversion during rest stops and bathroom breaks.

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  Aed batteries

January 30, 2011 at 2:30 AM

Nice mirror monitor. I really like its shape and style. Very nice! I really really like it!

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