One Click / One Glance

One Click / One Glance

Everything you need to take control of your trading session is just one click away. And because the One Clicker can be configured to stay on top of other open screens, you can monitor your positions while you read your mail or surf the 'Net.

The Easy-To-Use Control Panel Is The Heart Of The One-Click System

Fire up One Clicker and you're presented with 5 rows of buttons. Each button provides one-click access to a corresponding MetaTrader function that might be buried several levels down the MetaTrader navigator.

*Row 1 provides one-click access to the Pip Calculator, Charts, Delete All, Close All, Help and Exit.
*Row 2 provides one-click access to Buy, Pairs Display, Sell, Profit/Loss Display, Close, Stop Loss Display, Take Profit Display, and Save.
*The remaining rows provide one-click access to the Pairs Display Window, "Profit/Loss Display Window", and Close for each of up to six open trades.

One-click access to these most-needed features lets you make smart trading decisions faster, and gets you in and out of trades in near record time.
Finally, you can move as fast as the market does and never lose track an open position.

At A Glance Features

*One click access to your Lot Size and Hedging settings.
*One click to set your Stop Loss and Take Profit before you trade.
*One Clicker displays up to 6 open positions at one time. A green background indicates the trade is profitable. A red background indicates a loss. Current markets are also right there for you to see.
*Click the Chart button and instantly scroll through all the charts you have open in MetaTrader.
*Line up your trading pairs in advance and one click places your Buy orders, using your pre-configured lot sizes, when you decide the market's right.
*Close one or more open orders with just one click.
*Delete all pending orders with just one click.
*Use the built-in BASE/PIP calculator to instantly switch between viewing currency values in the base pair or in pip values.


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